Athletes I had the privilege to work with,
in alphabetical order


-Andrew Bohlman, USMS swimmer of the year 2000 and 50 and 100 yd backstroke USMS record holder

-David Brancamp, multiple USMS open water champion

-Chip Hobson, multiple USMS pool and open water champion, former NCAA finalist and a triathlete

-As both a training partner and coach, Nenad has been instrumental in allowing me to achieve a high level of success throughout my masters swimming and triathlon career. He has a vast knowledge of physiology and technique that he combines to create a training program specific to my goals. Chip Hobson

-Limin Liu, 1996 Atlanta Olympics silver medallist, world SCM and NCAA former world record holder in 200 butterfly.

Nenad and I may have similar experiences as foreign athletes in the USA. With a foreign cultural background, Nenad has to put more effort in his training program and work harder than most people to overcome the difficulties, which allowed him to stand in the front line of the U.S. Triathlon. I enjoy working with him and I learned that Nenad is a person who never gives up his dream. He loves the sport and has great enthusiasm for Triathlon. I believe that with his passion and his broad knowledge of sport, he will achieve his goals and could help you achieve yours as well.

-Matt O'Rourke, 2003 Triathlon at Pacific Grove winner

Nenad Rodic has pushed me harder, further and faster than I ever believed I could go. And he has done it with an intelligence and balance that has made it one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. He brings a focus to the table that makes it easy to find ways to improve your training, nomatter what the sport. If you want to get faster, he's your guy. Matt

-Jared "Jaffa" Prince, 2004 Triathlon at Pacific Grove winner, 2004 Pacific Crest Triathlon winner.

Since starting to train with Nenad's Mentoring, I have seen a dramatic change in the way I perceive training. I went to Manchester University to study Sports Science and have an understanding of the forces and biological needs for sustaining a strong season. But Nenad has already been through all of this and helps me to not have to worry about how I should be feeling throughout the year. With this, it is then possible to set attainable goals which allows me to just focus on getting there. He's great, and I can’t wait to see where I end up. Jaffa

-Kent Robison, Xterra world age group champion, Ironman world age group champion.

-Nikola Savcic, Yugoslav 100 m and 50 m Breaststroke record holder and Olympian (2000 Sydney  games), top 50 world ranked in that year.


-Richard Trachok,
2002: 7th US nationals, 4th world championships in Cancun.
2003: 4th US Olympic distance nationals; first half ironman distance nationals; third age group at ironman world championships in Hawaii.
2004: 2nd world championships in Madeira Portugal; 1st at Ralph's, 1st for the fourth time at Vineman; third again at ironman

"Nenad has coached and trained with me over the last 11 years. He taught me how to swim and how to train for swimming. Training with Nenad has been a key component of my successes as a triathlete. More importantly he has been a friend."



-Sharon Weiss, USMS 2000 champion 100 & 200 yd Breaststroke.

Some athletes I trained for a short period of time and some multi sport athletes I served and still do in a capacity of a swim coach only