CHOOSING THE BIKE By Nenad Rodic, posted 04/05

When choosing a bike it is important to have several things in mind: 1) What kind of event are you going to use the bike for? Ultra-distance racing places emphasis on comfort, and short distance on aerodynamics.

PEDALING TECHNIQUE By Nenad Rodic, posted 04/05

Perhaps the most neglected aspect of cycling technique is also the most important, the pedaling technique.

HANDLING By Nenad Rodic, posted 04/05

How fast you’ll go through a corner depends on conditions, bike and your skill. Let’s take race as an example with no traffic and no competitors around you. Let say that you judged the corner correctly and you are going into it at safe speed. Make sure that you are back in your saddle pushing down on it with your pelvis.

CLIMBING AND DESCENDING By Nenad Rodic, posted 04/05

On this page, we’ll try explain different techniques used in cycling while climbing. It is safe to say that your climbing prowess will depend on your power-to-weight ratio and your fitness. If you are tall and big, do not expect to be great at this aspect of cycling.

TIME TRIALING By Nenad Rodic,  posted 04/05

Perhaps, the most important aspect of time trialing is aerodynamics. Just like climbing is a simple function of power to weight ratio, time trialing is a function or frontal surface to power ratio. It is obvious that this discipline will favor bigger more powerful rider, especially in heavy conditions (wind). However, fitness is still the number one factor.


It is important to know that training zones or energy systems as some people call them do not differ from sport to sport. They are the function of two things: work intensity and availability of oxygen.