BODY POSITION By Nenad Rodic posted 04/05

Freestyle is a sidestroke, meaning that over 80 % of the time is spent on one of the sides. The hips and legs are within the shoulder line.

ARM STROKE By Nenad Rodic posted 04/05

Entry, downsweep, catch, insweep, upsweep, exit and recovery in detail

ARM STROKE SEQUENCE By Nenad Rodic posted 04/05

Arm stroke sequence, photos only

TIMING By Nenad Rodic posted 04/05

Timing patterns used in freestyle

STROKE OPTIMIZATION By Nenad Rodic posted 04/05

I think you’ll agree that there an overabundance of advice that coaches and “experts” give through magazines, videos, and other mediums on what a perfect stroke is. It gets confusing and the everlasting search for the secret formula for fast swimming just becomes more elusive. Why is this? There are two possibilities. First, perhaps everything you’ve read so far has no merit because the people who wrote it do not know what they are talking about. And second, that there is no such thing as one perfect stroke or a perfect piece of advice that applies to everyone.

FLUTTER KICK By Nenad Rodic posted 04/05

There are two components to the flutter kick: downbeat and upbeat. Down beat is responsible for the propulsion.

DRILLS AND TIPS By Nenad Rodic posted 04/05

Doing drills is often an easy way to concentrate on certain aspects of swimming strokes. On this page a few of the most common drills used in swimming will be reviewed. It is likely that you will encounter some or all of these drills in most masters swimming programs, though other coaches might call them by different names. I've divided drills into four categories


Swimming training is performed in a controlled environment (pools) which makes speed a perfect tool to determine a training zone.