By Jason Chalker, pro triathlete
Australian Xterra champion, 2003 Xterra world championships 4th place ...,
posted 04/05

Canberra, Australia

I believe that my hometown of Canberra (the capital of Australia) is one of the best places to train in the world. We have first class facilities here, the weather is pretty good, and for australia it has a little bit of altitude. Canberra is home to The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) where a lot of Australia’s finest athletes live and train. I’ve been able to use some of the facilities here, and they are of great use.
The weather in Canberra is pretty good for training. The winter is a little cold, but on the whole it is good for outdoor activity.
The terrain here is also good; We have many types of roads to ride varying from very hilly to nice and flat. The traffic here is slow and the roads are not congested, and if you like, you can escape the city within minutes and be away on a nice quiet country road.
The mountain biking here is also good with top-quality trails to ride that suit all levels of fitness and skill. The running is also awesome with great trails to train on. We have a number of swimming pools open to the public all year round and numerous triathlon clubs to train with.
The talent here in Canberra is awesome. We have the finest cyclists, triathletes and mountain bikers in the country, and they make awesome training partners. There is a great criterium series for mountain bikers and road cyclists.
Canberra is also great because it is in close proximity to the beach (1.5 hrs) and to the mountains (1.5 hrs). In the mountains, we often have training camps and it is a great place to get long hilly rides in with a bit of extra altitude. On the other hand, you can easily cruise down to the coast for the weekend for some hard type interval workouts as there is no altitude and it is perfect for these types of sessions. Or if you want, you can just go down and have a cruisy swim in the nice warm waters of Australia.

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BY Jason Chalker, professional triathlete